Content Management

with a Virtual Content Platform

A Crucial Piece to Complete the Puzzle of Content Management

Companies struggle with their Content Management System (CMS) because it duplicates data and fails to preserve the necessary content. Suggestions for managing content have been unsatisfactory due to missing content and redundant copies.

Wrapsody virtualizes all content, allowing duplicates to be treated as a single group or file, making the CMS more useful and effective.

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Wrapsody. A Game-Changer.

Promising outcomes with Wrapsody

No More Missing Content

Create and edit content as you normally would, and Wrapsody will do the rest—synchronization, version control, etc., no matter where your content is located.

Reduce Redundant Content

With virtualized content, you don't need to worry about scattered copies of content across different users, devices, and locations. All copies are linked together as identical versions, ensuring that you can access the same information from any device or location.

Unlock the Untapped Potential of your Existing Systems

Wrapsody helps you overcome the challenges of isolated content in your existing systems, allowing you to unlock their full potential. With seamless deployment, this tool integrates all of the content in your systems, helping you maximize their value.

Features that Make Wrapsody a Game-Changer

Auto Virtualization

Regardless of where content is created or edited, all content is automatically virtualized and managed within the system. As a result, there is no more missing content.

On-Demand Sync

For virtualized content, Wrapsody minimizes unnecessary synchronization compared to the typical method of fully synchronizing the designated storage in the background, by synchronizing the latest version with the server only when the document is opened.

Complete Real Content Usage

While it is often difficult to associate usage logs with derived content such as copies or edited versions, Wrapsody logs the usage of virtualized content clearly and distinctly for any form of derivation, including renaming, copying, and saving.

Content-Level Access Control Anytime, Anywhere

Unlike typical content management solutions that enforce access control only for specific repositories, Wrapsody allows individual access control for each virtualized content, providing the most comprehensive security regardless of content location.

Content Collaboration
on the Web

Wrapsody supports efficient and effective collaboration by providing instant web-based access and editing capabilities, even for content created on the desktop.


A chat room is immediately created per content as soon as it is virtualized, and all history of communications is preserved throughout the content's lifecycle. This new collaboration technique is effective and innovative.

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