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The Next Generation of Enterprise Content Management is Virtual

All your team needs to do is create their document as usual, then wrap it and share it in Wrapsody or in your application. Your document is instantly virtualized, encrypted, and tracked, regardless of location. Our innovative virtualization technology binds your document with a unique PID (persistent ID), enabling full visibility and control throughout its lifecycle. Through the power of virtualization, the entire organization can now work efficiently and with confidence that the document they’re working on is the right one.

Why Wrapsody

Wrapsody can cover all of your unstructured data management issues

2 Hours+

IT decision makers waste 2 hours per day to find the right document


Organizations lose over $2.2M (average) due to data breach


Over 80% of your unstructured data is dark and ROT data
Attempting to get control of your unstructured data is impossible because over 80% of it is dark and ROT. Until you get control and minimize that 80%, you can’t effectively control unstructured data.​


Create and edit content as you normally would, and Wrapsody will do the rest—synchronization, version control, etc., no matter where your content is located.
Every time a Wrapsody file is created, backup is managed by the system to ensure reliable access to documents on demand, via a protected master branch.
AI and ML-driven garbage collection actively monitors content as it ages and falls into disuse, and makes suggestions to the user to clear out their obsolete files.

Key Features

Virtualize All Contents
and Find Them Easily

Wrapsody virtualizes every content and allows you to find them easily, whenever you want and wherever they reside.

Automatic Backup and
Version Control

Wrapsody provides automatic backup and version control to let you be freed from ransomware attacks.

ROT and Dark Data Management

Wrapsody uses machine learning-base technology to classify and minimize ROT and dark data with your organization.

Use Cases

Semiconductor A semiconductor company uses Wrapsody to eliminate copycat issues with its file-centric encryption and access control.
Automotive An automotive company maximizes secure collaboration with Wrapsody using its virtual data room and content virtualization technology.
Manufacturing A steel manufacturer saves time and money with Wrapsody through its automatic file synchronization and version control.
Food Distributor A global food distributor accelerates sales reporting with Wrapsody using its efficient document collaboration features.


How to Buy

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Wrapsody (On-premise) See Wrapsody live and request a quotation for Wrapsody (on-premise).

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