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Introducing Wrapsody—the only content services platform that automatically virtualizes your documents to deliver the utmost in security, productivity, and collaboration—no matter where your files, devices, or users are located.

In the new decentralized world where documents, teams, directories, and devices are remote and widely distributed, it’s easier for unstructured data to get out of control, and harder to hold your organization to the highest standards of security, version control, and lifecycle management of mission-critical data. Current tools and systems only get you so far, creating an extra burden for everyone to maintain vigilance and enforce best practice.

At Wrapsody, we see a better way—to make the documents do the work: self-enforcing, reporting, syncing, and managing all versions and derivatives. That’s why we developed and pioneered the use of virtualization for documents—building on decades of experience in unstructured data security for over 2,000 organizations worldwide. Wrapsody can be used on its own or alongside systems you already have in place—making them better.

It's easy to get started with Wrapsody

All your team needs to do is create their document as usual, then wrap it and share in Wrapsody or in your application. Your document is instantly virtualized, encrypted, and tracked, regardless of location. Our innovative virtualization technology binds your document with a unique PID (persistent ID), enabling full visibility and control throughout its lifecycle. Virtualizing documents also provides valuable metadata such as document history, tags, and rights, all of which are accessible for audit purposes. Now the entire organization can work efficiently and with confidence that the document they’re working on is the right one, through the power of virtualization.

Bring Order to your Organization's Data with Wrapsody

Enjoy numerous benefits from Wrapsody on its own, or in conjunction with your existing system

No More Missing Content

Create and edit content as you normally would, and Wrapsody will do the rest—synchronization, version control, etc., no matter where your content is located. With virtualized content, you don't need to worry about scattered copies of content across different users, devices, and locations. All copies are linked together as identical versions, ensuring that you can access the same information from any device or location.

Auto Backup and instant Recovery

Every time a Wrapsody file is created, backup is managed by the system to ensure reliable access to documents on demand, via a protected master branch. If recovery is needed, browse versions of the document and instantly recover with a click! Best of all, there’s no file duplication or clutter created, just a clean recovery and return to use. Recovery delays and support calls are a thing of the past, and the negative impact of ransomware is reduced.

Fight ROT at the source with AI

When fighting ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial) data in your organization, Wrapsody is a powerful ally. AI and ML-driven garbage collection actively monitors content as it ages and falls into disuse, and makes suggestions to the user to clear out their obsolete files. No more digging through documents to clear out space—Wrapsody works with your users to actively fight clutter, keeping your content fresh and relevant.

Game-Changing Features for the Next Generation of Business

A Higher Level of Security

Remote work and BYO devices have introduced numerous vulnerabilities for sensitive work data. Users can be corralled into secure repositories or compelled to follow strict policies, but these are only partially effective as users prioritize convenience over security. Wrapsody provides individual document-level security, auto-protecting every file. Document owners can conveniently manage permissions, and the same permissions are retained everywhere the document goes, even if renamed or a derivative copy is created. For visibility, the PID and version number are tracked along with content interactions and modifications, ideal for SIEM and UEBA purposes.

On-Demand Sync

Unlike other solutions, Wrapsody meets your users where they are, empowering them to create content that remains secure and in-sync. Once a document is virtualized, it can be shared and altered anywhere. If a document is modified elsewhere, other users are notified and their documents can be synchronized upon opening. Wrapsody enables version control “on the spot” for individual files instead of within repositories. Users have full control over versioning for each file to which they have rights: they can create new versions, restore old versions, create new version branches, and turn off versioning. Now everyone works with confidence, not confusion.

Complete Real Content Usage

While it is often difficult to associate usage logs with derived content such as copies or edited versions, Wrapsody logs the usage of virtualized content clearly and distinctly for any form of derivation, including renaming, copying, and saving. For each document, Wrapsody can display a graphical map that shows the derivation of the current document from other documents, the number of times that each document has been modified, and the original source document. In addition to tracking specific details about versions of a document, this information can be valuable for tracking how document templates are used throughout an organization.

Content-Level Access Control

Wrapsody is unique in its ability to implement individualized access control for each piece of virtualized content, irrespective of its physical location or repository. This approach ensures security for your organization's data assets. This means that sensitive data, no matter where it's stored, can be safeguarded with precision and granularity that's unprecedented in traditional systems. Now you can maintain control in today's dynamic and distributed digital landscape, where data may be scattered across various platforms, cloud services, and storage solutions.

Prepare your Content for AI

Wrapsody offers several key advantages for preparing unstructured data for machine learning and proprietary language models. It reduces document clutter, improves metadata, captures institutional knowledge, and simplifies access to document use analytics, all while revealing opportunities for process automation. Moreover, Wrapsody lowers the effort and resources needed for model training, resulting in higher efficiency and cost savings. Cleaner, structured data streamlines the preparation for AI transformation across your organization.

In-Document Collaboration

Once a document is created with Wrapsody, a chat room is embedded with it, enabling contributors and approvers to comment while they are viewing the document—no need to go back and forth between a document and an email or chat app. Wrapsody preserves the chat thread along with the work with a full history, notifying users when anything is edited or commented on. Now multiple conversations are consolidated into a single source of truth, right next to the document where they belong.

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We’ve secured millions of users across the globe with our enterprise security solutions. Now we’ve taken that expertise to the document level, to meet the needs of a new generation of work.

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