Build a Virtual Data Room to Securely Collaborate 
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Virtualize All Content and Find Them Easily
Virtualizing all content allows you to find the file you need easily, whenever you want, and wherever it resides.
Automatic Encryption, Backup, and Version Control
Automatic encryption, file-based backup, and version control instantly eliminate the risk of ransomware attacks or privacy regulations.
ROT and Dark Data Management
Using machine learning technology to discover, classify, and minimize ROT and dark data.
Full Visibility of All Content Usage
Tracking all activities of content usage, including its derivatives(e.g., renaming, copying, saving, etc).
AI-Ready Data
Feeding GenAI with accurate, quality, and up-to-date AI-ready data using a persistent ID that always travels with the data.
AI-Ready Security
Maintaining the quality and integrity of AI-ready data with data-centric access control.
AI-Powered Data Management
Using GenAI technologies to empower content search, document summarization, and Q&A.
In-Document Collaboration
Communicating through a chat room that is immediately created per content once it is virtualized.

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