Minimize Redundant, Obsolete, and
Trivial Data, and Maximize Your
Productivity with Content Virtualization

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Always work on the right version of a file
and enhance your productivity

The automatic synchronization minimizes redundancy and ensures that all users access the most up-to-date document versions regardless of file location, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of data duplication or inconsistency in system integration projects.
With the complexity and volume of documents in system integration projects, Wrapsody’s tagging and advanced search functions enable quick retrieval and organization of project documents, optimizing workflow and productivity. Locate documents more efficiently and reduce the time spent searching for files.
The garbage content-collecting feature, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), identifies potential ROT data, alerts the content owners, and prompts them to remove it to enhance data management efficiency.

What You Can Expect from Wrapsody

Data Virtualization
Virtualizing all content allows you to find the file you need easily, whenever you want, and wherever it resides.
Boosted Productivity
Automated backup and advanced search save time and improve efficient document management.
ROT Data Management
Using AI and ML technology to discover, classify, and minimize ROT data.

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