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Shorten clinical test trials and speed up
development with Wrapsody

By allowing dynamic labeling of documents with tags, users have quick access to files related to development projects, clinical trials, or specific results, streamlining the search process. With easier access to relevant documents and a significant reduction in time spent managing different versions and redundancies, users can dedicate more time and resources to research and development efforts.
Wrapsody’s timeline feature offers a visual representation of documents’ full history throughout their entire lifecycle. Users can get a holistic view of the dataset through the usage map and branch map, which visually show the related documents associated with specific medicines.
The automatic synchronization minimizes redundancy and ensures that all users access the most up-to-date document versions, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of data duplication or inconsistency in drug development documentation and research. With Wrapsody, there is no more confusion when navigating through multiple versions of the same document.

What You Can Expect from Wrapsody

Enhanced Document Retrieval
Quickly locate the file you need whenever you want, wherever it resides.
Minimized Document Redundancy
There’s no need to manually clean up redundant documents. Wrapsody automatically minimizes ROT data with its instant backup and version control.
Data Visualization
Monitor the file’s full history throughout its entire lifecycle through data visualization and accelerate the collaboration process.

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