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Wrapsody enables immediate synchronization of specification updates across all departments, ensuring that manufacturing, sales, product planning, and quality assurance teams always work from the most current document versions. This feature allows for maintaining consistency in product specifications throughout the manufacturing process.
With Wrapsody, authorized personnel can review and verify product specifications on mobile devices, enhancing decision-making and responsiveness directly on the manufacturing floor. Mobile access supports agile management practices and swift adjustments to production processes.
Wrapsody offers detailed tracking of document revisions, providing a clear audit trail of specification changes. Automatic notifications alert relevant personnel about updates, ensuring that all stakeholders are promptly informed of changes. This fosters a collaborative environment where information is quickly disseminated and easily traced.

What You Can Expect from Wrapsody

Improved Data Management
Save time and money with automated file synchronization, version control, and instant backup.
Enhanced Collaboration
Enhance communication efficiency across departments with Wrapsody messenger and automatic notifications of all updates.
Security and Control
Secure all sensitive files with file-centric encryption and access permission control.

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