Eliminate IP Theft with
File-Centric Encryption and
Access Control

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Minimize data breach risks
against insider threats with Wrapsody

Wrapsody’s persistent encryption safeguards semiconductor designs, patents, and proprietary technology processes from creation to end of its lifecycle. This ensures that the industry’s invaluable intellectual property (IP) is consistently protected, regardless of its location.
In an industry where collaboration across global teams and partners is common, Wrapsody’s data-centric access control ensures that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information. This feature prevents IP theft by restricting access to critical data, such as design blueprints and technology processes, even after an employee’s tenure ends.
Wrapsody’s data visualization tools enable users to track how, when, and by whom documents are accessed, offering insights into potential external data breaches (unauthorized decryption attempts) and insider threats (data exports in different formats).

What You Can Expect from Wrapsody

Persistent Security
All files are protected at all times wherever they travel.

Reduced Risks of Data Breach
Mitigate the risks associated with insider threats with data-centric access control.
Data Privacy Compliance
Maintain competitive standing without being encumbered by compliance issues.

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