Revolutionize Content Management

With a Virtual Content Platform

Many companies nowadays are facing challenges with their content management system (CMS), as it maintains significant amount of data that tends to duplicate itself while failing to preserve the actual important data. Although there are numerous suggestions available for effectively managing such data, none of them have proven to be entirely satisfactory.

The reason behind this is twofold: Not all content are available and there are many duplicate copies of the same content. When we edit or update content outside of the system, we often forget to upload it back, leading to a significant amount of missing content on the system over time. Also, many users tend to replicate content for their own use, leading to a proliferation of redundant content that makes it difficult for other users to find the latest version, particularly when it is spread across multiple devices, locations, and users.

Wrapsody, a Virtual Content Platform, addresses the root causes of such dissatisfaction by virtualizing all created, edited, and distributed content—allowing for the treatment of duplicate content as the same group or file. This provides the ultimate usefulness of the content management system.