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A Leading Pharmaceutical Company uses Wrapsody to shorten clinical test trials

A pharmaceutical company combines advanced science with expertise in the research, development, and provision of a broad array of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

The Company’s clinical test group constantly updated and shared clinical test results for new medicines. There were constant problems finding documents containing new medicine development plans, clinical test results, and related activities. It was especially difficult to find clinical results on digestive medicines as several hundred documents came up in search results from their document management system.


The members of this group were frustrated and tired of searching endlessly for documents they needed. To make matters worse, the number of documents on clinical results from various medicines was growing exponentially. As a result, the company had to deal with a lot of redundant documents because people were copying every version to repositories, and IT had to periodically manage and remove related documents to overcome overwhelming indexing issues.

The Company implemented Wrapsody to help the clinical test group locate documents quickly. Its dynamic tag view allowed them to find documents of clinical results by labeling them with relevant tags, such as development projects or medicine names. It presented a tile-type interface for tag-based search which simplified the process. It was easy to find the targeted tag group and search through a shortened list to find the document they needed. The test group could also find other detailed clinical results on some medicines through branch maps that visually show the related documents associated with specific medicines. Trial information and research notes were all linked providing an easy look at an entire trial.

Wrapsody gives users an innovative approach to content management.  By providing a visual way to search for related documents, information on medicines and the results of clinical trials was easy to find.  Since Wrapsody eliminates redundancy by automatically synching the latest version to the repository, IT didn’t have to remove files from the system.  As users reviewed trial results, they opened their local copy of a document and the latest version appeared.  Wrapsody minimized documents existing in the company’s various storage locations by detecting redundant documents using augmented intelligence.  This improved their productivity and allowed them to focus on test results rather than finding documents.

A Steel Manufacturer saves time and money with Wrapsody

This global steel company manufactures forged metal parts and rolled rings for the wind energy, chemical, shipbuilding, and power plant industries.

The Company needed to manufacture products that met proper specifications. Sales, product planning, manufacturing, and quality assurance managers were all involved in the process to make sure parts were manufactured correctly. Specifications frequently changed after manufacturing began. Unless everyone received the latest specifications, the Company would manufacture the wrong product.

Each group wasted a lot of time and money locating the latest specifications and remanufacturing the correct part. The company considered using traditional content management solutions (ECM) and cloud-based file-sharing systems to provide all departments with the current specifications, but could never keep up with the changes because their local copies were outdated.

By implementing Wrapsody, each department saw the updates immediately in their local copy of the specification document when a specification changed. There was no need to share documents among the departments since the latest specification changes were always reflected in the shared document. As soon as a user opened the document, the latest version would download from the central repository. Managers could also see the latest specifications on their phones or tablets making it easier to access the information when on the manufacturing floor.

Since Wrapsody guarantees the latest document version wherever it is, each department saved and used local copies knowing they always had the latest specifications. If they saved the document on a server or sent it by email, they would still get the latest version as soon as they opened it. By having the history of how and when specifications changed, it was easy to review and confirm all updates.

Wrapsody provides users with an intuitive collaboration solution that ensures managers and other personnel always have the latest product specifications.  Users only have to share the file once and have the latest version anytime, anywhere.  The document owner chooses who can view or edit the file and can easily see who accessed it and when.  Viewers and editors receive real-time and email notifications of updates, so they know when changes were made.

This eliminates a lot of wasted time looking for files and reduces the risk of manufacturing the wrong products.  It also saves money since reworks are at a minimum and the company can better meet delivery times to their customer.

A Global Food Distributor accelerates sales reporting with Wrapsody

It’s not easy for a global food distributor to gather sales results from offices around the world. At a company’s global headquarters, a finance manager gathers sales results by email from offices in 20 cities. Every week the staff at these 20 sales offices emails their weekly report to the finance manager to compile into a consolidated report. If the sales offices do not send the report on a timely basis, the manager has to send reminders by email or phone to all offices. The company tried to develop a customized web application to simplify the process but stopped development because of a lack of flexibility and the burden of high maintenance costs.

By using Wrapsody, the finance manager creates a template of the weekly sales report and shares it with each sales office. The offices update their weekly sales report, which automatically updates the finance manager’s copy. Once finished, he could quickly share the company’s global sales progress with upper management. The company did not have to develop a customized web application since they concluded that Wrapsody was a more flexible and cost-effective solution.

• Update weekly sales results from multiple offices using one document

• Eliminate wasted time sending reminders to update sales results

• Always have the same information when anyone opens the sales results report

• Allow upper management to access current sales results immediately

• Provide usage history for each document to show when each office updated the report

A Systems Integrator makes collaboration easy with Wrapsody

A system integrator creates project proposals for customization work for its customers. Six members of a project team typically work on each proposal and need to collaborate on the different versions to produce a final version. The project team made a lot of careless errors while sharing the proposals through email or on a file server. There was a lot of confusion and wasted time during the process because someone had to continuously combine different parts of the proposal and keep track of the current version. This made it very difficult to complete the proposals by the targeted deadline. The company tried various online editing solutions to resolve these problems. Unfortunately, even though these solutions support collaboration with synchronized editing, they did not allow the project team to persistently manage all the documents for a project.

After implementing Wrapsody, the project leader creates the initial proposal as a Wrapsody document and shares it with the project team. Whenever someone updates the document, it automatically uploads to the central repository, and others can obtain the latest version by clicking on their local copy. This dramatically improves the project team’s efficiency and productivity by eliminating wasted time and effort. The automated backup, tagging, and advanced search functions of Wrapsody let them easily manage the countless number of documents they use for all their projects. This lets them generate and share proposals with their customers faster.

• Create customer proposals quickly.

• Eliminate wasted time locating the latest copy of a document.

• Always have the same information when any project team member opens the proposal.

• Provide usage history for each document to ensure all team members provide input to the proposal.

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